Life Design Coaching Sessions


Do your thoughts and feelings control your everyday life? Where do they come from?  Did you know that you think 60 000 thousand thoughts a day, and did you know that  95% of those thoughts are the same as yesterday? Learn how to control them and what Values and Beliefs influence them. Discover your passion by using the 7 steps to change your life.  Sessions are designed to help you understand and create your dream life. I do one on one sessions or a Skype session.  Included in the program is the beautiful Workbook!

  • Who am I – Set goals for all the key areas in your life
  • Learn how to control your Thoughts and Feelings
  • What influences your Values and Beliefs
  • Create a Vision Board to set the wheels in motion
  • Rituals to help you reach your goals
  • Journaling
  • Everyday situations and understanding

Cost – R500 per Session

To book a session email

or phone Minette Geyser at 082 789 1952







Do you often stand in front of your closet and then you are left with a feeling of confusion and frustration?  Get structure in your closet and find the right colours and fit that will suit your style personality and lifestyle.

  • Colour Analyses
  • Style Analyses

R800 x 60 Minutes

  • Wardrobe planning and Planning your Capsule Wardrobe

R1600 x 2 Hours

  • Shopping!

R2200 x 3 Hours

To book a session send us a mail to


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