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Give your Summer dress a Winter Boost

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Give your Summer dress a Winter Boost

Okay, I think it is safe to say that I don’t like following the rules all that much… LOL. Trying new things every day and using what I have creatively, is really something that makes me happy. At the end of the day the way you feel will translate back to the outside world. That is why I just love diving into my wardrobe and explore, create and have a little fun.

Who says you can’t wear your Summer Dresses in Winter? Do you have a favorite summer dress in your closet that just makes you feel absolutely gorgeous? Why wait for summer if you can wear it any time of the year?

How do you do that you may ask? BY BEING CREATIVE! My absolute favorite past time is to throw a few items on my bedroom floor and just start to mix and match. You will be surprised at how many outfits and different combinations you can come up with.

Here is an example of a Summer dress turned into a Winter outfit:

Pick your favorite dress and a pretty shirt, a jacket or a scarf. You just have to play around and soon you will be able to create so many different outfits!

You can also shop these items and create this specific look:

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