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You can Be, Do and Have Anything You Want

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You can Be, Do and Have Anything You Want

Sometimes I have to sit myself down and have a serious conversation with Minette. Why am I feeling this way? What do I want? What do I want in my experience? And for what Purpose! And then something strange happens…. Insecurity creeps in from freaking nowhere.

Why would anyone listen to anything I have to say? Other people’s skills are much better than mine. I don’t think I can do this? I really want to hit myself over the head with a brick when that happens… LOL.

Okay so I have a few ways for myself that I use to eliminate those unwanted little niggles we call Insecurity.

Whenever I start feeling those negative emotions and lack of self confidence, I grab my Journal! I use my journal not for the purpose of getting all the negative thoughts that are consuming me out, but to rather focus on Gratitude and all the positive aspects of my life. We always have a choice. Do we want to focus on the Negative that makes us feel uncomfortable, sick and anxious or do we want to focus on all the beautiful things in our life. The things that really spark our Joy and Happiness and that creates the feeling of flow and ease. By doing that, you shift your perception, and in a state of Gratitude you can create the most beautiful life.

Next up I change my state! I get my mind into a relaxing state where I can clear my thoughts. I love to do a Meditation! Meditation changes my state from worry and fear instantly, to a more calm and relaxing state. And there are so many different ways to meditate you can really choose any method that will help you get into that mindful, relaxing mood. I love anything between 20 and 30 minutes. Sometimes I go for a barefoot walk and do a walking meditation. Other times I will just sit in a comfortable chair. There is really no right way or wrong way. Just find YOUR way. It is used for the purpose to move your focus from Negative to Positive and going deep within your true self.

Okay this is probably the easiest step ever! DROP THAT INSECURITY! How is that serving you? Does it make you feel good? Is it actually valid? Or did you form a Belief because someone said to you 20 years ago that you are not good enough? You are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience. What that means is…. You are perfect in every way. The best advice I have ever received was when my husband said to me one day…. “The only Person standing in your way, Is YOU”. And that is the truth. Don’t stand in your own way of happiness. The power is with you.

Let’s start to see our True Beauty…. Let’s embrace our Uniqueness…. Let’s start living the Life we are meant to live.

Don’t let your Insecurities keep you from being, doing and having what you truly desire.

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