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French Girl Style Basics

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French Girl Style Basics

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to dress-up and mix and match different styles and textures. I have never been one to follow trends religiously, but to rather find my own style. When I studied Image Consulting I learned that there are multiple style personalities. It really helped me find my own style signature.

There are 5 basic style personalities: Creative, Dramatic, Romantic, Classic and Natural. You can be a combination of 2 or just one. It all depends on your personality and lifestyle at that moment. I am a combination between a Classic and Creative. I love simple designs but I also love to play around with different colours and prints!

Being on the Classic side I have developed a great love for the French Girl Style. Their effortless beauty, simplicity, elegance and planning around their wardrobe is just amazing and stylish.

I have put together a Basics list for you to start building your French Girl Wardrobe from. The key is to invest in pieces that is simple yet classy and stylish as well as timeless.

What is your Style Personality and what do you love? Please let me know! Would love to have a chat with you.

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