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Emotions and Feelings in a Nut Shell

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Emotions and Feelings in a Nut Shell

I think most of us don’t always understand the difference between Feelings and Emotions and we see and experience them as negative…. For a few years now I have made it a study for myself to understand the difference and to use the knowledge to my advantage. It will change the way you think and feel completely when you understand how they work and why we experience them.

I believe that you create your own reality and that depth and understanding will help you create the life you are meant to have. So let’s start creating!

Let’s begin with the difference between the two.


An emotion is a response to a thought that creates a bio-chemical change in your body and which then alter the physical state of your body. It is more primal than feelings. For Example: I am sure you can totally relate with this one! Say you sit in traffic… you have been sitting there for a while and then out of the blue a car squeezes in front of you. What is the first thing you experience? You start to experience the chemical reaction in your body. Your heart starts pounding very fast…. Your hands start to sweat…. Your head starts to feel cloudy… You have just experienced the Emotion Anger! And now the feeling is coming.


Feelings are experiences that arise as the mind interpret the emotion. They are sparked by emotion and creates the feeling. To go back to our example: So the emotion you felt when that inconsiderate driver squeezed in in front you is ANGER. The feeling that ANGER created was – Resentment – Violated – Insulted – Furious and the list goes on… Make sense yet?

We label Emotions and Feelings as either positive or negative. Actually they are just simple indicators that something has crossed our path that is now Inviting us to examine the experience.

You can ask questions like “Why am I feeling this way?” or “What is this thought trying to show me?”.


When you understand that a feeling will be just a feeling, and that it is there to help you to become better!

So there it is. See it is actually very simple and will help you create a wonderful life!

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  1. Your blog is big and there is a lot of good information! Thanks

    1. Minette says:

      Thank you so much for the beautiful comment! Just love the work you guys do at Mindvalley. Thank for the inspiration!

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