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5 Items you need to have in your beach bag


5 Items you need to have in your beach bag

Summer is here and this is the perfect time to celebrate the beautiful sunshine and warm weather. Nothing like lying next to the pool or the beach, enjoying cocktails and some Vitamin D.  I have 5 items in my beach bag that I always use when I am planning a day out in the sun.  You can add as many items as you like to make your outing an  amazing and fun experience!  My bag is always filled with these items and I keep it in the cupboard already packed and ready for a quick and easy exit to the pool or the beach. I have included links for affordable accessories that you can scout. So… Let’s jump right into it!


1.   Sunblock!


The African sky can get really seriously hot during the summer time. I believe a good dose of vitamin D every day is really beneficial for our health, but that said I also know I have to protect my skin especially my face. I have a very oily skin so I look out for sunscreen that is especially designed for that.  Last thing you need is a breakout on holiday! You can check out the links below for some really great options.  Just click on the images below.

Everysun Anti-age Face Sunscreen Spf50 50ml

SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face 30mlUV PLUS Sunscreen SPF 50






2.  Lip Balm


Lip Balm provides an extra layer of protection on the lips surface to seal and keep in the moisture. You don’t want cracked lips and a have a sexy tanned body, do you? You can even get them in colour to give you that extra healthy looking glow on your lips.  I believe that a little colour on your lips always looks healthy and classy. These are my favorites… Click on the images below.








3.  A Statement Sunhat!


So besides the fact that a beautiful statement sunhat will give you protection, it is also a stylish accessory! This item doubles up as protection as well as a fashion statement. Find a hat that complements your face shape and also gives you the protection that you need. I personally love the Panama and Fedora style! Click on the pictures below…










4.  Swimsuit


There is nothing more beautiful than a well-fitted swimsuit! The key is to find a piece that fit your body shape perfectly, and that is super comfortable. The fashion trends for 2018 cater for almost everyone and you will definitely find something that will fit your style personality and your body. Click on the photos below and indulge in the beautiful swimwear that is available this season…




5.  Sunglasses


Last but not least…. an awesome pair of shades will really complement your summer look! You can have so much fun with this item in your bag. You can go for a really expensive pair of sunglasses, to a more affordable option in different shapes and sizes. Play around with different colours and shapes and have some FUN! Click on the images below and follow the links…


Remember…  You are UNIQUE!  Find your own personal style and be fabulous!






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