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How to Attract Your Desires Into Your Reality

So this month I have completely immersed myself into finding the best way to attracting what I want, and to manifest like a boss!

I have been reading books till my eyes water and listening to inspirational videos to help me along my journey. From Wayne Dyer to Ernest Holmes and many many more! Every day I have my notepad with me and write down all the glorious and important information I can find, and stick it up everywhere in my kitchen… Yes it is the place I spend most of my time. LOL.

Sifting through all of the info I have gathered in the last couple of months and years, I came to realize that there is a definite common thread that everyone is teaching.

So…. if you want to change your life and attract the things you so desire into your reality, there are 3 very IMPORTANT steps to follow. When you understand the process you will most definitely get your desired results. I have experienced it in my own life, and let me tell you, it has been a very liberating experience. I believe that to accumulate knowledge is very helpful, but the key is to apply the knowledge and do something with it!  Knowledge is energy and energy needs to flow to work for your.

Okay enough blah blah blah! Here are the 3 Steps that will change your life forever:

Step 1:

Start with an INTENTION/IDEA – What is it that you truly desire? Do you want to attract more money? Do you want to experience more love in your life? Make a list of all the things you want to experience in your life….. Think about why you want it in your life and be clear on that. Put the Intention out there and believe that it is already part of your reality. Pray and Meditate!

Step 2:

Create the VISION/IMAGINATION – This is the really fun part of the process! In this part, you get to be a child again and use your imagination! Build the most beautiful pictures, with feeling and smell and touch. The more real your picture is in your mind, the more you will start to believe it is part of you. You can build a Vision Board and put it up somewhere in your house where you can be constantly reminded of your vision. (Again my Vision Board is in my kitchen… LOL)

Step 3:

DETACHMENT – Everyday you have to do something (even if it is just something small) to work towards your goal and desires. And here is the kicker… You HAVE to detach from the HOW the things you desire will show up in your life. The work part is to show God/Universe that you are serious about what you want and that you are willing to work and serve. BUT the way you receive your blessings must not concern you. If you truly really want it, it will show up in your reality in UNEXPECTED ways.

Now all of the above is really super important! But… yes there is a big fat but! Then only way these 3 steps will work is if: YOU ARE GRATEFUL IN ADVANCE BEFORE YOU EVEN ACTUALLY HAVE IT IN YOUR PHYSICAL REALITY.  Try using a Gratitude Journal everyday and be thankful and grateful for all the blessings in your life… even for the one’s that are still coming.

Enjoy building, designing and creating your life!




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