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Make Denim your Best Friend


Make Denim your Best Friend


Make denim your best friend!


Denim is one of my most favorite and versatile pieces in my closet ever! From jeans to jackets and accessories. to shorts etc.  Denim is not bound to a specific season so that means you can wear it all year round and glam it up with accessories like scarfs, jewelry, bags and shoes.

Let’s jump right in!

Denim Shorts:



Pair your denim short with your favorite Tee and create a fun relaxing and comfortable look for those lazy summer days.  In winter you can create a whole different look with your shorts by wearing it with leggings, boots or killer high heels!


Skinny Jeans:



For a more classic look go for a beautiful crisp white button-up shirt to create a timeless piece.  It is beautiful and elegant!  Throw over a beautifully tailored blazer and you have the perfect outfit for work, a night out or a dinner party!


The Denim Jacket:



One of my ultimate favorite denim pieces is the Denim Jacket!  You can wear this baby with anything!  Pair it up with your favorite skinny jeans, a dress, leather pants and skirts.  It could be a fun outfit or a glam look…  Play around with it and create a few items and save it in your look book.  This one will never disappoint you!


The Denim Shirt:



The denim shirt is also one of my go to pieces…  I love wearing it over a white t-shirt for a more relaxed look or buttoned-up and tucked in for a more sophisticated look.  This shirt can create so many outfits for you and make dressing up fun and less painful.


The Denim Skirt:



Again you can have so much fun with this denim skirt!  Play around with high heels or a pair of sandals.  For the winter you can pair leggings and boots for a cozy look and in summer you can go for floral blouses or even just a bikini top.


The idea is to play around with your denim pieces and create different looks for different occasions and moods.  I love taking pictures of my outfits and saving them on my phone.  On the days I don’t have inspiration or time, I just look through my photo collection and pick an outfit that will go with my mood on the day.


Be inspired and don’t be afraid to try different things!  You will be surprised to see what you can do with only a few key items!


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