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Four different outfits – 1 Scarf

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Four different outfits – 1 Scarf

It is really so easy to create a lot of different outfits with just one key item in your closet!  You just need to think a little out of the box and creative to achieve it.  Accessories are very versatile and can help you to  create a whole new and different look every time.  In the next few posts I will share with you different accessories from jewellery to scarfs and bags to accomplish some new and different looks as well as outfits.


It is all in the details and how you put it together to create a beautiful look.  You can stretch your closet in such a way that there could be endless possibilities and no more “what am I wearing today?” days!  In the images below we used a beautiful frayed scarf (see link below) to illustrate how easy it is to create multiple outfits.










Have some fun!  You can send me your ideas and photos at


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