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Set a Goal for The Week

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Set a Goal for The Week

It is a beautiful Monday morning and time to set your goals for the week!

What are you planning for the week and what do you want to achieve? It starts with a goal and then deliberate action to set your dreams into motion.

Last week I moved house and my goal was to just get everything out of the old house and into the new. Moving is exciting but also very very overwhelming! Thank goodness I can sit down and write today in a clean beautifully unpacked new space. Honestly, I really couldn’t see the bigger picture when I was starring at that BIG mountain of boxes! I was fine and in control the whole week, but on Thursday looking at all the boxes standing in my kitchen, it looked like a mountain I had to climb and I was tired and it really wasn’t fun anymore. I mean really freaking tired. Moving a house of 14 years and three kids later was kind of daunting. I had to regroup and pull myself towards myself like my husband always says… LOL. So I had to set a goal and a mission for the day. I worked out how many hours I had left in the day and then divided the tasks into smaller one’s so that I could reach my goal. At the end of the day, I unpacked everything and I did a little extra as well. Wow, it was such an amazing feeling standing in my kitchen looking at a clean open space!

That is the most important part of goal setting… We look at a problem or project and it feels like an unaccomplishable task. But when you climb that mountain one step at a time, finally you will reach the top and experience the feeling of accomplishment.


Here are my tips on setting a goal:

  • Write down your goal in your journal. Write it somewhere where you are reminded of your goal constantly. You can even put it on your fridge or the bathroom mirror!
  • The next step is to break down your goal into smaller increments. That way it doesn’t feel so overwhelming! At the end of the day, you have to feel you have achieved something… even if it is just a small thing. Say for instance your goal is to lose 5kg. You can’t expect to drop it in one day or even in one week. Every day you have take action and do something that will help you achieve your goal weight. For example, today you can set your goal to go for a walk for at least 30 minutes. When it is done you can tick it off your list! You have achieved!!
  • Write down an actionable for every day. A goal will stay just a dream in the future if you don’t take action. Deliberate action every day will set the wheels in motion.
  • ┬áLast step… JUST GET UP AND DO IT. Even if you don’t feel like it at that specific moment!

So.. What is your goal this week and how are you going to achieve it?

Enjoy every moment! Remember YOU are a deliberate creator of your reality.

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