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How can you change your reality and create your beautiful life?

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How can you change your reality and create your beautiful life?

As human beings we are  programmed to grow and learn.  That is why we are here… true?  We are here to experience life in all it’s glory and everyday try to be better than we were yesterday.  We are here to give and receive love and to live in that blissful state permanently.  The way we perceive our circumstances, and the things and people around us, takes us away from ourselves and the blissful state we want to be in.  Past conditioning and our Values and Beliefs determine what we feel and ultimately what we create.  We are deliberate creators and how we manage our thoughts and feelings will shape the way of our creation….


So how can we change our reality and create our beautiful life?  By understanding what your values and beliefs are, and understand that what you think and feel will create your reality.  Only then you can change your reality.  I used to be that girl who always said I am such an emotional person…  OMW what was I thinking?  I created sadness and hardship for myself.  I always accepted that the feelings I feel is what and who I am.  Instead of thinking about the thought that actually created that feeling in the first place, I could have saved myself allot of pain, anxiety and could have been more happy and content.  And so we learn hey…


Now I am very aware when a thought comes up for me.  I ask myself three questions:

    1.   Is this a thought or a feeling?
    2.   If it is a thought I ask myself if it is true?  Is this thought positive and contributing to my dreams?
    3.   Is this a feeling?  Then I ask myself what is the thought that created that feeling?


If you are just aware and ask yourself the three questions above you will start to see changes in your life!

In our Designing Me Workbook you will find everything you need on Values and Beliefs and Thoughts and Feelings!  With beautiful worksheets that will help you to understand them and use it to create your dream life.




Happy Creating!

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