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Kids and Multitasking

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Kids and Multitasking

Okay so let’s be honest and get real… Being a mom can be really, and I mean really demanding sometimes! I have been with my kids every single day for the last 13 years… I have always worked from home and around my kids’ schedule. You see I have my own personal feeling and idea about kids and parenting. I really wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. When they were born I made a decision to be there for them every single day for as long I can – and of course for as long as they want me around… LOL. I have never missed a school outing or a sports outing…. like in never. And let me tell you it was not always easy and without any difficulty!

At times money wasn’t an issue so it was easy for me to do it all. And then life happened and took it up a notch. So I had to start being more creative in my approach and juggle work and kids at the same time. Now, I know I am not the only mommy around here but boy oh boy I had to scramble around like a freaking mad person.  You will understand! I felt so overwhelmed and out of sorts. I had to learn some new skills and get creative with delegating and getting everyone to work together. It is really difficult for me to ask for help especially when it involves my kids. But looking on the bright side I have managed to find some ways to help me cope with everything and involve the kids in all the processes. It is still a work in progress for all of us but life is definitely looking more harmonious

A few things I do to help and to get everyone involved is:

  • The first thing we all do in the morning is make our beds. When you create the habit of making your bed first thing in the morning, that is the first achievement of your day and sets the tone for the rest of your day.
  • After school, they know they have to undress and put their school uniforms in the washing machine. That way we know that there is always a clean set of clothes in the cupboard and no running around in the morning to find stuff.
  • Every evening when it’s cooking time two will help with the dishes and one will help with the cooking. We make it fun by playing our favorite playlist and dance and sing our way through the kitchen. We actually look forward to that time of the day, and it doesn’t feel like a chore but rather a fun event. And the bonus is I don’t feel like the slave that does everything!
  • After dinner, we pack lunch for the next day. This is such a time saver and makes the morning routine a breeze! They all help and again it is a fun time we spend together.

When you include your kids in these things they feel like they part of a team and we all need to work together to reach our goals. And the BONUS here is that I get to spend time with them and have more time on my hands. And obviously, we have loads of FUN together while doing it. I am still trying out some more ideas and will share it in future posts!

Happy Mommy = Happy Family


Have some FUN!

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