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My Insecurities


My Insecurities

Why do we worry about how other people perceive us? Why do we as a woman feel so much pressure to be picture perfect, never have a clutch out day and keep our shit together at all times?
Because we put that synthetic pressure on ourselves! We let the worldview shape our own image of our self. I really get so frustrated with myself when I let those things steel my mental and physical energy.

For a while now I have been doing some modeling (And NO it is not the runway kind…. I mean I am only 1.59m tall… LOL). Just taking photos with photographer friends of mine. I have always been inquisitive of the process and how they do it and how the feeling would be to be the actual model.

Reality is… I am 38 and a mother of 2. I have a list as long as my arm and legs combined of all the insecurities that fill my head every day. Here is my creative list:

* I am really short…
* I have short hair – Not like the models you see on magazines with perfect long locks!
* I don’t have the perfect nose!
* I have brown eyes – My perception has always been that people like people with blue and green eyes. I am just an average girl
* I don’t have the perfect body! I have a body with cellulite and stretch marks
* Oooo… And here is the kicker! I have little self-confidence!

I can go on for days with my list but let’s keep it at that for now and don’t start a pity party!

On one of my shoots, I sat with my husband, crying my eyes out! Criticizing myself on so many levels. I pulled out my list and told my hubby of all the things I don’t like about myself and why I felt that way.

He said this to me…. (You know men look so logically at situations!). Why do you feel like that?? You are so beautiful to me. You look at all those girls and reality is they feel exactly the same way you feel. Embrace your unique look! You don’t look like all those girls and that is a blessing. Be who you are because that is what makes you beautiful and unique! You have had two beautiful children and the marks on your body show femininity, motherhood, and sensuality.

OMW then I cried!! He is absolutely right! Why for heaven’s sake do I want to be and look like someone else? Reality is that most girls we see in the media are young girls, no kids and can still spend money on hair and beauty products because they don’t have to spend it on nappies and kiddies parties.

I am who I am! It is not because of my outer appearance that people like me. My friends love me for the compassionate, loving, caring and sometimes funny person I am. I love being impulsive sometimes and live my life freely. I love being a mother and my hubby’s partner.  I love being someones friend!

Embrace who you are! You are unique in every way! Love yourself! Be your Authentic self!


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  1. Leo says:

    I absolutely love your honesty in the article. Every woman can resonate at some if not all levels with what you feel. The real you, as with all of us is the most beautiful and when we truly begin to accept ourselves for who we are and what we look like the world will be a better place. Rock on . Keep sharing your journey with us ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

    1. Minette says:

      Thank you Leo! I feel us as woman should inspire and help each other to become more accepting of our self and live a our true authentic life’s. We are all beautiful in our natural state and there is no need to change or hide it. Rock on!

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