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Katie’s Blog – Real Friendship

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Katie’s Blog – Real Friendship


My name is Katherine Isabella, but most people call me Katie.  I am almost 13 years old.  I have green eyes and blond hair.  I want to share with you my life experiences and help you discover your true self.

I am here to help you as a girl that also struggle with problems and negative and low self esteem sometimes.  I can help you become a better you, a positive and new you!  I can help you through rough times, I can help you with your problems and I can MOTIVATE you!

Today I specifically want to talk to you about friends.  I see lots of kids that have good relationships or bad relationships with their friends.  I recently left two of my best friends in the past, and as they say friends come and go and BEST friends stay forever.  Those that come and go, come and go for a reason.  They are there to teach you a lesson!..Maybe not always the nicest lesson but a lesson you need to learn.  I learned a lesson from them:  Choose your friends wisely!.  If I didn’t learn that lesson I probably would’ve had friends that aren’t really my friends.  Friends that come and go, doesn’t mean you are the problem, it means you need to learn a lesson.  Friends that stay will stand by you no matter what!  They will cheer you up, they will motivate you and they will always stay by your side.

“Together we party, Together we cry, Kept every single secret cuz we’re BEST MATES till the day we die!”

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