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Nutrition – Where do I start?

Quick fix diets are at the order of the day… Open any magazine or switch your television on and all you see are shakes and tablets to help you loose weight. The marketing campaigns surrounding these products are well funded and well thought out to keep consumers thinking emotionally.


Where do you start to create change and achieve your goals?

The first step is to find out where you are… Get your blood tested, find out what blood group you are and what types of food allergies you have. What is your bodies PH levels? What is your fat percentage? Do you have high or low blood pressure? What is your cholesterol count? This will give you a good baseline of where you are…
Then you need to have a clear end goal… What do you want to achieve? A good goal would be to have a healthy low fat percentage, healthy blood without disease markers and a balanced PH.


Everybody is different and therefore no one diet can be the best for everybody. The few generalizations when it comes to diet that will hold true for all are…

1) Drink Water

2) Stay away from Sugar

3) Eat organic food (foods that aren’t genetically modified, hormone treated, have pesticides on etc.)

4) Be on the look out for hidden sugars in your food and drinks


A good guide to find out the types of foods and food combinations that you can eat will be The Blood Group Diet…
When you eat food that is not supported by your blood group it will cause inflammation in your body. This inflammation will cause your blood to become acidic and your chances of becoming ill with common colds and flu and more serious long term diseases increase dramatically. Keeping your body alkaline will be a long term solution for good health!


Take the emotions out of your food choices and make logical choices that supports your goals!

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