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6 Life Lessons My Daughter Taught me

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6 Life Lessons My Daughter Taught me

Twelve years ago my life changed completely…. From being a selfish little brat that did pretty much what ever she wanted and when she wanted, to an adult who now had to look after another human being.  Wow I still remember that feeling so clearly….  It was so overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  Since I was a little girl my dream was always to have kids….  I just have a passion for them!  I love the purity and innocence in which they enter this world, before we as supposedly responsible adults stuff it up for them by imprinting our ideas and the world view on to them.

Here I was at the age of 24 cuddling a beautiful perfect little human whom I have to raise into a well balanced adult.  Scary thought hey!!  And then you start to think….  What do I want for her?  How can I protect her from this big bad world we live in?  What can I teach her in life to equip her with confidence and a fearless thirst for life?  .Okay…  So you can hear clearly what my problem was hey?  First of all I am not here to decide for her what her path should be.  She came here with her own map and destiny and the only thing I have to do for her is to love her unconditionally.  As much as I want to I can’t protect her from learning the lessons that will come over her path.  Again I can just love her unconditionally and support her in everything. I don’t want to raise a mini me…. I want her to find her own passion in life.  The biggest satisfaction for me will be when one day she comes to me and say THANK YOU MOMMY FOR ALWAYS SUPPORTING  ME AND THAT YOU LET ME BE MY OWN PERSON.. The BIGGEST lesson I have learned so far on this journey of being her mom is….  That she came into my life to teach me something!!  And that we as parents mustn’t think that because we are the adults we have all the knowledge and that there isn’t something more that  we can learn.  These are lessons that my beautiful little girl came here to teach me….

1.  Unconditional Love

She loves me unconditionally!  Her love for me isn’t conditional and for the material things that I can or cannot give her.  She comes to me with a beautiful purity within her and when she says “Mommy I love you” I know she means every single word. She has an intense appreciation for every thing in her life.  It is beautiful to watch and I learn that from her every single day!

2.  When you put your mind to it you can do anything

I have never met anyone with more dedication than her!  Her passion and positive outlook on life is so infectious.  I want to spend as much time in her space and positive vibes as I can.  Within her she has this calm center from where she projects and in her little mind there is really nothing that she cannot do.  Just recently she had this dream of being head-girl at her  school….  She made her own vision board and this dream featured in the center of it all.  She didn’t get the position…. But you know what she said to me?  “Mommy I am not sad or disappointed, I am so excited because I know that there is something bigger and better just around the corner, and I am so excited”.  I was dumbstruck!!  I felt it was such a mature way to look at the situation.

3.  Compassion for yourself and others

This little girl has firstly so much love and compassion for her self.  And I mean this in a beautiful way.  She doesn’t walk around telling everyone how she loves herself and that she is the best….  She knows it, and everyone can see it shining out of her.  She has a deep love and compassion for others.  She will sit and cry with you when you are having a though day and she will sing and dance with you in your good days.

4.  Never a failure

Nothing in life is a fail for her.  She always sees it as a lesson and takes that lesson and apply it in her life with a positive attitude.

5.  Friendship

Friendship to her is very deep….  She cares deeply for her friends.  She told me the other day that she and her best friend are so different from each other..  Both have very different personalities.  She doesn’t have to do and be like her friends and visa versa..  She loves them unconditionally in all their uniqueness and she supports and encourages them to be themselves.

6.  How to have a positive mindset and outlook on life

When ever something negative comes over her path she can turn it into a positive.  Sometimes I look at this little girl and I ask her were did she come from!!  She was born with this!

I am so proud of her and so thankful that I am the mommy of this beautiful little soul.  My dream for her is to always live out of her true nature no matter what life brings to her.  I am grateful for having her in my life and we are blessed to have such a beautiful soul right here with us.

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