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Why do we need to set Relationship Goals?

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Why do we need to set Relationship Goals?

Hi Guys

I have a question for you….  Is your relationship with your partner fulfilling and meaningful? Are you able to share your deepest desires with your partner?  Do you get out of your relationship what you desire and the same for your partner?  If your answer is NO to one of the above questions you need to set a COMMON GOAL for your relationship.

N and I have a lot of conversations about our goals for our relationship….  If you know where you are heading and what you want it is so much easier getting the results that you want.  We see and speak to so many couples that feel that they are stuck in their relationship and don’t really know where their relationship is heading.  The one big reason for that is that they don’t have a goal in mind.  It takes some time and a lot of conversations to figure it out….  But I promise you it will be worth your while! If you battle to see clearly what you want then sit down and write down two columns. One column can be WHAT WE DON’T WANT and opposite to that a column with WHAT WE WANT. That also helps with visualizing your dreams and desires.

Our goal for our relationship is plain and simple but perfect for us.  Can you guess what it is….? LOL!  Yes you guessed it!  FREEDOM and PLEASURE!  If you have an aim for your partnership you can apply it in everything you do.  Yes sometimes we get distracted and loose sight of our goal, but then we remind each other of our goal and get focused and clarity again.   Our rule is not to follow everyone-else rules but our own.  If you don’t set the standard then THEY will set it for you, and before you know it you have the same relationship like everybody else.

Be unique and follow your own rules and create your own life!!  You only live ones… Make the BEST of it and don’t waste any time! Be the best partner that you can be and I promise you the rewards will be endless!

So… You have homework to do…  Get started… LMAO



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