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How do you make lemonade when life throws you lemons?

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How do you make lemonade when life throws you lemons?

Okay….  So the saying goes “When life throws you lemons you make lemonade”… right?

Shit it is not that easy!  It has been an up and down journey for Niel and I and we had to learn how to deal with all of these little bumps on our journey.  One thing I can say is that if it wasn’t for my wonderful level headed husband who was such an example for me, I would have ended up in a mental instituttion… LOL.  Yes, yes I get so irritated with him when he throws words like, mindset and it is the way you look at the situation that determines how you experience life, I really want to choke him sometimes.  But you know what….  he is RIGHT.  (I hate saying he is right.. hahaha).

So this is what I have learned in difficult situations..

Mindset (Shit I said it)

For a very long time this word irritated the crap out of me…  Maybe because I didn’t want to do introspection and change the way I see things?  Maybe I was scared of what I might see?  I don’t know… But let me tell you…  It is all about how you view a situation that determines how you will feel.  Our thoughts create our reality.  If you tell yourself the same shit over and over…guess what?  It will become your life.  Do I get it right everyday?  Hell no!  But I am aware of every thought that comes into my mind and I make a conscious effort to change it. Practice makes perfect….

Focus on your goal

Where do you want to go with your life?  Do you maybe want to change  your career?  Do you just want to create that happy life that you have always wanted?  What ever your reasons are just focus on your goal and DON’T let the stupid little sideline shows distract you from your goals.

Never a mistake… Always a lesson

Sometimes when things don’t workout the way we planned we see it as a failure or mistake.  For example Niel and myself have been in a business for a very long time.  So many things went wrong and didn’t work out as we planned.  We had the best intentions to try and help others and we really tried to give and serve others as best we could.  But somehow things just didn’t work out.  First we saw it as something we have failed in but after long hours of discussions on our famous brown couch we came to the conclusion  that everything happened the way it was supposed to.  Sometimes things happen in your life (not always nice..!) but the lessons are there to prepare us for better things to come. Just be patient….  it will come.

Every single person walking on this planet has a life purpose to fulfill.  The Universe has this amazing ability to sometimes give us a little reminder that the side road we took is not the right one….  Then we stop and think… Is this path I am on the right one for me?  Will this path serve my life purpose?  If it doesn’t…. Don’t waste your time. Change it!!  Your destiny is in your hands.

Get out there and find your path and make some freaking lemonade!!


Have a Blessed Day


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