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Best DIY Bath Bomb Recipe Ever!!

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Best DIY Bath Bomb Recipe Ever!!

DIY Bath Bombs

I love being creative and making my own bath time goodies….  Nothing like a long hot bath with some oil and the fresh smell of roses to make all your worries disappear for a while….

Here is my secret!

What do you need:

Mixing Bowl

Mold for your Bombs

Spray bottle with water

2 Cups Bicarbonate Soda

1/2 Cup Corn Starch

1 Cup Epsom Salts

1/2 Cup Citric Acid

1/4 Coconut Oil

20 Drops Essential Oils of your choice (I love Rose)

Powder Food Coloring


Mix all the dry ingredients and the coloring together. Use your fingers to get rid of all the lumps.

Poor the coconut oil into the mixture and mix well with your hands. Making sure that there are no lumps.

Then spritz your mixture with water. Take a handful of the mixture and squeeze it in the palm of your hand. The powder should clump together.  If it doesn’t just spritz some more water until you get the right consistency.

Fill your mold with your mixture.








Leave for 24 hours to dry.

And that is it!!

Perfect Bath Bombs in 10 Minutes!.  This is also a great personal gift that you can make and give to someone special!



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