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Did you know that what you think you attract?

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Did you know that what you think you attract?

Did you know that what you think you attract?
Did you know that what you think you attract?

Did you know that what you think you attract?

Scary thought hey?  But at the same time so exciting!

For the past year N and I tried to find ways to manifest our dreams and desires…..  OMW what a personal and spiritual growth learning experience it has been for us.  Like you we tried to figure out how to attract the things we really want into our life’s.  We started reading books and Pinterest became our new best friend.  So many different opinions and different perspectives on this subject.  At the end of the day we had to come up with our own view and perceptions out of all the information we gathered.

Here is what I have learned so for on my quest:

  1. First and fore most the most important part of the lesson for me was to learn that I AM WORTHY of all the blessings and abundance that the universe has to give.
  2. I can ask for WHAT EVER I want…. There are no limitations to what I can and cannot  ask! The Universe is abundant.
  3. Our THOUGHTS create our reality.
  4. To live our DREAM over and over as if we already have it.
  5. BELIEVE in Divine Timing. (And I mean TRULY believe)

So… last year was a tough year!  Financially, mentally, physically and spiritually….

Every day we lived for today! All we talked about was how we were struggling and how we didn’t know how we would ever get out of this.  Everything we read we tried but with no success.  At one point I really felt that the universe (God) was angry with me or just forgot about us!  It was such an inner struggle for me…. We worked hard, we tried new businesses and our existing business was also struggling.  Having three kids and a household to run I really couldn’t see our way out.

One day in the beginning of the year we invited a good friend over for coffee to discuss our “situation”.  For us everything changed that day!!  Everything we read in our books suddenly made so much sense.  For the first time in a very long time we could actually start seeing the light on the other side of the tunnel.  Our friend helped us to put everything into perspective and change our view point and feelings around our struggle. Also working with our amazing Mental Coach made things fall into place….

It was all about our mindset!  Not the people or circumstances but how we perceived the whole situation and reacted to it.  We stopped telling our friends how we are struggling and indulging in all the negative energy.  Instead we started telling our friends that things where really going good.  We didn’t look at our business as something that was holding us back anymore but instead changed our mindset in thinking that we were really making a difference in people’s life’s.  Suddenly the business started picking up!  People starting sharing personal stuff with us. We got phone calls and emails daily.  We did no advertising!! Every single day we had money in our wallets to buy food and provide for our family.  We just didn’t worry about that anymore because we knew that we would be okay.  Trusting that the universe (God) was looking out for us and that everything works out if you just believe and surrender.  It sounds so difficult and such a cliché, but it is actually so easy….  Once you start doing it, it becomes easier as you go along.  Your faith grow and you learn that everything happens for a reason and the timing is always perfect. (That was a big one for me – control freak!!!)


Recently I read a book Manifesting 1 2 3 written by Ken Elliott. I can really recommend reading this book!  Ken speaks about how powerful your thoughts are.  He says in his book:

Your thoughts create virtually every object and concept around you.  This is incredibly important to know thinking directs the path of your life.  Thoughts are what happen first, they are the primary tools that make the objects and concepts in our physical world.  You will like this:  It doesn’t matter if you believe this concept or not.  YOUR THOUGHTS WILL continue to create anyway….’

I am on an amazing journey at the moment.  I will share with you on a regular basis what I learn and how my manifestation journey is going!

Go check out these awesome books on Amazon….  You might just end up with your dream life.  Ask and it is Given from Esther and Jerry Hicks ALSO The Collected Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn.




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