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Welcome to Designing Me.


We are so excited to share with you HOW to CREATE and DESIGN a new you and ultimately your desired DREAM LIFE.

Here at Designing Me we believe that you have to look at your life in a holistic way and give attention to all the different facets of your life to complete the whole package.  We divide it into three major areas which includes:  Personal Growth and Understanding - Body, Health and Fitness - Personal Grooming and Image

How would it make you feel if you could get up every morning with love and happiness in your heart?  Wouldn't it feel great to have confidence in who you are and what you want in your life?  You are able to CREATE and DESIGN your perfect picture!  Here is how you can achieve it:

Personal Growth and Understanding of Self:

  • Who am I -  Finding your own GPS to get to where and what you want to achieve
  • Understanding your Values and Beliefs and where they originate from, and how to change them to serve you positively.
  • What impact do your Thoughts and Feelings have on your life and reality
  • Building your own Vision Board
  • Creating Rituals to achieve your goals
  • How to Journal and get understanding and perspective
  • Implementing the 4 Agreements written by Don Miguel Ruiz in your life.

Body, Health and Fitness:

  • Create achievable goals and a plan to get that body you have always imagined
  • We provide you with a personal customized Training Program just for you - Program is design by well known Movement Specialist Niel Geyser and will give you GREAT RESULTS!
  • Healthy tips on Dieting and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Personal Grooming and Image:

  • Get a Colour and Style analysis - Learn what colours bring out your beautiful inside to the outside, and make you glow
  • Plan a Capsule Wardrobe and save yourself time, money and frustration
  • Shopping!!  Personal shopping experience to piece everything together!

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"To seek on the outside for that which you do not feel you are, is to seek in vain.  For we never find that which we want, we find that which we are"  Neville Goddard

Personal Growth Sessions
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Vision Board
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